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Corporate Property Advisors

"Providing Creative Solutions for the Generation of Wealth"

In a dynamic commercial environment, it is Chesterton Corporate Property Advisors goal to provide an efficient personalised service on an independent and confidential basis that conforms to the client’s requirements and timing at a fair, yet competitive fee.

Our success is founded on practical skills and knowledge of the very senior team of property professionals. Chesterton Corporate Property Advisors has a team of 5 professionals with a combined total of over 80 years of experience in the property industry. With this level of expertise we are able to provide advice across the whole property spectrum within time frames as required by our clients.

The support provided by Chesterton International (the brokerage arm) as a source of market opinion ensures our research based advice totally conforms with market sentiment. Our clients attest to our history of delivering successful results, consistent with our philosophy. Chesterton Corporate Property Advisors adopt impeccable professional ethics and maintain a highly consistent standard of integrity at all times.

The nature of our reporting is that our client is fully informed on all aspects of the property throughout our involvement. All matters of fact upon which our client may make a prudent and well-informed financial decision are stated. At Chesterton Corporate Property Advisors, we strive to provide the highest possible service to clients and to achieve that, have developed the following mission statement:

“We professionally service the needs of our clients by providing detailed Valuation and Real Estate Investment advice on their current and future interest in real estate to ensure accurate information is available from which the client can make fully informed business decisions thereby maximising their financial position and creating a Client for Life."

Chesterton Corporate Property Advisors provide the following services:

Asset Management Services

Landlord and Tenancy Advocacy; Lease Auditing; Property Auditing; Statutory Assessment Management

Advisory Services

Acquisition and Disposal; Compulsory Acquisition; Rental Reviews; Litigation; Project Management;

Valuation Services

Mortgage Security Books of Account Rental Family Law Taxation

Corporate Property Advisors Team

Greg Bremner

Executive Director - CCPA

07 3222 3026
0411 075 365

Allen Crawford

Managing Director - CCPA

07 3222 3025
0438 075 364

Karl Hurman

Senior Valuer & Land Economist - CCPA

07 3222 3048
0401 017 722

Chris Singh

Valuer & Land Economist - CCPA

07 3222 3038
0432 037 918